May 20, 2009

Brian has fallen in love with a nest of baby bunnies he found in our lawn while mowing. Luckily we have a reel mower, or a few baby bunnies would already be hamburger meat. He watches over them each night as mom shows up to nurse them. Then when mom runs away, he takes care to make sure they are placed delicately back in their nest. (Of course he wears gloves, so as not to give them human stink.)
I'm not that in to the bunnies. I suppose I have my own baby "bunny" I have to nurse and nest. Plus Maggie drives me completely bonkers as she barks and howls all hours of the evening trying to get out and harass/play with them. And then today as I planted my vegetable garden I realized what the biggest threat to those bunnies, when they start chomping on my lettuce!

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