May 8, 2009

My sentiments exactly.

Many people ask me if I'm going to pierce Charlotte's ears. I am a definite "no" on this, at least until she's old enough to take care of them herself. Besides my concerns of infection and her ripping the earring out accidentally, there is a feeling I have about the image of piercing a babies' ears (courtesy of Indexed).

hattip Brian

Don't you just love Venn diagrams?


Rachael said...

Do you think moms do it so people know their baby is a girl? You know how some babies you can't tell if it's boy or a girl unless they have on pink or blue...etc.

I think Charlie definitely looks like a baby girl anyways. She has such beautiful and dainty features! I don't think she needs earrings. It would seem to take away from her innocence. (my opinion)

I think i got my ears pierced when I was 12 (years).

Jacqueline said...

My mom made me wait until I was 7...I begged and begged for peirced ears. Then, after I got mine peirced she let both of my younger sisters peirce their ears! I also had to wait until I was 7 to have a real Barbie. I could have Skipper, but no Barbie. By 7 1/2 I was over Barbies.

patty said...

charlie is so dainty she even burps daintily! True story!

Kim said...

Hilarious. And an FYI to all the moms of daughters: apparently pediatricians pierce ears. A heck of a lot more sanitary than going to some cheap jewelry store like girls of our generation did. AND the doctor uses a numbing cream. The things you learn from Birmingham families.

cathy said...

Hi Ang! Just testing if this works!