May 31, 2009

Weekend chores

We're glad to be back in the comfort of our home and enjoying this beautiful weather, which oddly, is warmer than it was in California! Meagan is in town this week for a wedding and finally got to meet Charlotte. Charlotte seems to like her and probably wonders who this strange lady is who looks so much like her mommy. I just realized I didn't get any pics of the two of them, which upsets me. I'll have to try harder next time...when we get a next time.

I am trying to get my garden in order. We tore out a bunch of irises yesterday because flowering weeds had invaded all of the free space creating a jungle in the garden. Now I'm trying to think of something large to plant in the big void. I already have daisies. I'm contemplating some daylilies, although they aren't my favorite since the flowers decay so quickly. Anyone have a suggestion for a favorite perennial?

Otherwise, I'm working in urgent care this morning. I'm crossing my fingers for an easy day so I can get out of here and back to work in the yard.


Jessica Hessler said...

no, no, day lilies are great! Mine start coming up with green leaves in the spring/early summer and then flower non-stop the last half of summer. I highly recommend them for quick filling in of spaces and reliable flowers. For short stuff I like snow drift aster and creeping sedum - look great all the time, especially the sedum and spread like crazy. WIth my yard, I like stuff that spreads ;)

Patty Ann said...

There are varieties of daylilies that flower for a long time, but like the name, a flower only lasts a day so cutting for vases is silly. You might like some peonies, the scent is worth waiting for once a year. Phlox flower for a long time, are great cut, and have a beautiful scent that will bring in butterflies. There are whites, pinks, purples, oranges, and variegated. Hummingbirds love bee balm.

Meagank7 said...

Yeah I'm bummed I didn't get a picture with Charlotte... I meant to on Sunday but I didn't know Brian was going to church so early. :-/ Maybe I'll get a chance to see you guys in August when I'm in the area... thanks again for the hospitality :)