May 22, 2009

Time's UP

Our May budget contest comes to an end as Brian and I prepare our bags for our San Diego trip. Hopefully some of you played along in spirit. I think we did well, although I know we could have done better. It's hard to really stick to your guns when you know you have some wiggle room.

Here is our tally:
Restaurant: $66
Entertainment: $72 (not quite sure what we spent that on!)
Groceries: $231
Angie allowance (aka blow fund): $100
Brian allowance: $100
Hair Salon: $37 (for Brian)
House: $100 (gardening supplies and layaway payments on patio furniture)
Misc: $45
TOTAL: $751

Of course I'm not counting utilities/bills or fuel, just the things that we have more control over. I'm proud of us - this is about half what we spent last month on the same items. So Mom, how do we measure up?


Jacqueline said...

Wow! Great job guys! Any tips/tricks that you use to be more thrifty?

Angie said...

The biggest saver was getting together with friends to make the frozen meals-buying in bulk was a big cost reduction. And having those quick meals on hand made us less likely to go out to eat. I also keep a running list of available meal ideas on the fridge so we don't forget the groceries we already own.

patty said...

AND... Jacqueline did your April so that carried over into June as my stylist would do....that was I'm sure a very big help?!

I haven't even attempted to look at our receipts...I am sure we are way over!