Jan 9, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Nolan!

I love all of the pictures of Nolan that Amber sends me, but I love this one especially because of the vintage handknit he's wearing (his dad wore it as a child). I hope you have a great birthday Nolan. I heard you like cake. I love it myself and wish I could have a slice with you!

I also wanted to do a project spotlight on these wonderful Fetching fingerless gloves that Amber and Shari made over Christmas vacation.

They used their own hand-dyed KoolAid yarn in worsted weight. I don't know that Amber will get much of a chance to wear them now that's moving to Texas! I guess you'll just have to come back and visit us more often. Great job ladies!


Linda V said...

Gosh that Nolan is cute! Do we know who knit the heirloom sweater?I hope that some of my knitting gets passed down through the generations and not just end up at Goodwill. Love the gloves. Wasn't that dyeing project fun? I dyed yarn with my sister last summer.

Shari said...

Nolan is so cute in that sweater- Happy Birthday!! (Love from Gramy) Yes we had a blast dyeing the yarn and knitting the same project together.
Angie I love your house pictures. It looks very cozy.

brian said...

Happy birthday Nolan. Good work growing up and stuff.

Meredith said...

Happy 1 year little Nolan!!! Pretty soon you'll be off to college. Don't blink, Amber!