Jan 19, 2007

Yes I'm Here

Thank you all for your condolences. The funeral was really a heart breaking event, and something I don't ever look forward to doing again. I understand the point that the living should be joyous for the dead who are now no longer suffering, but rejoicing...however the tears that well in our eyes don't understand that concept. Now I have to make sure to hold my grandmother in my prayers. She would have been married to my grandfather 50 years come March 3rd.

I returned to work Wednesday and have had a whirlwind week. My annual review was Thursday and I felt it was quite painless in comparison to my three month review. Not surprisingly, my negative feedback (or "room to improve") from co-workers was in regards to how I react under pressure. If only I could take 5 minutes to knit when I'm behind or a patient arrives 11 minutes late for their 15 minute appointment with expectations to be seen....I bet a few rows of stockinette stitch would calm me right down. Realistically, I find this a hard thing to work on. If any of you have some practical advice for me on how to zip my lips and keep a smile in times of chaos - please, I'm all ears.

In knitting news, I have finished my silent auction donation for the Junior League.

It went from this:

To this (felted):

The white spikes have softened a bit and it actually looks quite nice. I wonder how much it will earn?

I'm still plugging along on Clapotis and should be able to finish this weekend. I'm also finishing the toe on a second sock just now. Next week I have a class in lace knitting - I can't wait!


Kim said...

Grown-ups piss me off, too. I have no patience for adults. Does anyone else read Time magazine? I get a subscription free at school. Their person of the year this year was "You." because of all the blogs, YouTube, etc. One of the angry letters to the editor basically said that of course it wasn't "Them" because so few people think of anyone else but themselves nowadays. The reader used examples of drivers cutting others off and people talking loudly on cell phones in public. I had to agree--going back to your post--I'm always the NEXT patient who is freezing to death in a paper gown wondering why my doctor is so late!

Patty Ann said...

Oh Angie, you just have to remember Grandpa would not want any of us to be sad. Especially Grandma.
My advice when you feel that pressure and I know Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil would agree: deep breathing. Seriously. Get more oxygen up to your brain. Inhale 4, hold 4, exhale 8. It's very calming.

patty said...

I too had a tough week, with one of my young co-workers literally driving me to tears. But you maintain your confidence level. You are good at what you do in a highly professional manner and focus on that. I'll be interested to see who "peer" evaluates me from my unit. Ah, if only I could hand pick the nurses, docs and techs! But we don't work in that perfect world. My supervisor keeps telling me I'm doing a good job as do some others. Hang in there Ang! And bring in that knitting if it helps! How many rows can you knit in 11 minutes?!

I'm overdue with my condolence cards. The week just flew by. This Thursday the guys head off to Telluride. What am I going to do with 4 days alone? HMMMMM...

Amber said...

Love the purse Angie! It looks great. I'm curious to know how much it will go for too! Maybe you can sell some on etsy. Maybe if you can't knit at work you will have to destress by reading blogs :) Glad you are back!