Jan 2, 2007

Gratuitous Photos

We've located our digital camera - we left it behind at our friend's house. However, it's not back in my posession just yet. Luckily, Brian brought home the work camera tonight and I took advantage of it's fantastic capabilities. My knitting has never looked better!

Here's some lemon bread I made today, courtesy of the knitting cook.

I love experimenting with new recipes on Tuesdays. Brian now reports Tuesdays are his favorite day of the week due to good eats. I also made some pork chops with cherry chutney from my Junior League cookbook. So far every recipe from that book has been a hit.

Here are my finished gloves, knit from the Weekend Knitting book with Koigu yarn.

If I should ever make you some gloves, know that I love you very much because I despise making these. If I don't knit them for you, well then I guess you'll just have to ogle mine.

My Clapotis looks rather dull right now, but wait until I get to the dropped stitches.

Today I started a felted purse which will be a donation for a silent auction at a Junior League meeting. I also plan on making a strawberry hat. All proceeds will go to the endowment fund. I hope it gets a high bid!

Lastly, a pic of Squishy playing with Chicken Little. Amber asked me why I don't post about Squish more. Perhaps I think nobody will find his mannerisms quite as cute as I do. We had a bit of a tiff today when he tried to eat through my iPod speaker cord. If he cuts off a knitting podcast, he's in biiig trouble.

Otherwise - I'm putting a call out for volunteers. We got our first estimate on refinishing the wood floors and it sounds like we're better off ripping up the old carpet and tile ourselves. The guy kind of nicely told me he has better things to do than rip up tile. In fact, he said "If I had absolutely nothing else to do with myself, I might do it." So, anyone who wants to come out, we're happy to feed you!!


Linda V said...

Angie, You are a knitting machine!! The gloves are certainly something to be extremely proud of. Gorgeous! How about a string through your sleeve so you don't lose them? Loved seeing you on Sat. You two are just the best!

Patty Ann said...

Squishy poses quite well for the camera.
Your gloves and new knitting project are really incredible. I don't know how you do all that counting.
Is GR back to normal yet? It was a blessing to have such good weather, that's for sure.

brian said...

GR is back to being a "quaint little town," as those jerkfaceheads Chris Matthews and Chris Wallace would say.

Although, there were still a ton of people parked in my garage this morning. It probably won't be nearly as bad as last night (I spent 90 minutes just waiting to get out of the structure).

Linda V said...

Angie, Last weekend in the Parade magazine I saw a blurb about a parakeet that could cross stitch.He sat on his owner's shoulder and watched her whilst she stitched and figured out how to do it himself. The article said he did however, have trouble changing colors. Might Squish have some knitting apptitude? He could do the boring stuff for you.

Angie said...

That's pretty amazing. Seeing as how Squish can't even say hello, I doubt his capabilities. He also likes to "hump" the fake plastic bird you gave him. At the most, he would probably poop on my knitting.

Kim said...

OOOO--I know why that guy was so crabby about your project. There are no posts on our blog because we spent the whole break either at our families OR working on our house (that's my excuse). While Gary did electrical, I ripped some ugly brown carpet off of our stairs that are GORGEOUS hardwood. There were approximately 9 trillion staples on the stairway and I had to pry them all out with a pair of needlenosed pliers. They were impossible to get out. My arms, legs, and fingers hurt for 3 days afterwards (no exaggeration).

As long as our downstairs project is finished, Gary and I will be there with our toolbelts (yes, he bought me one of my own in honor of this project). I'll need some treats for afterward!!

Faith said...

Oooh, your lemon bread looks so good! I think I'll have to go make some more. =)

Love the koigu gloves. I don't want to knit socks out of mine; maybe I'll make those instead. Thanks for the idea!