Jul 15, 2007


This weekend we voyaged to TC for our 5K run and the Cherry Festival. Here is our trek (courtesy of the iPhone).

I finished with my best time yet, 30:29. Despite this being my own personal best, I was let down when I saw my score on-line, because the stop watch on my iPod gave me the impression that I had finished in under 26 minutes. Oh well. I'm proud of myself, and feel I could have done even better had it not been for a relatively cramped race course. The top girl came in at just over 19 minutes - you go girl! My sister did fantastic at 24:22, as did Brian at 26:19. Meagan's friend Jill joined us again. We're becoming the four racing Musketeers.

It was quite overcast and poured just prior to the race, but it was dry and cool for the actual run. We had a great time.

After racing, we headed out for some wine tasting on the Mission Peninsula. We hit Peninsula Cellars, Chateau Grand Traverse, Brys Estate, Bowers Harbor, and Chateau Chantel. Brys Estate was probably my favorite due to excellent tasting wine and a classy tasting room. The server was also very informative. Here we are at the front entrance.

I made it to one yarn shop of two. I strolled past the yarn shop, Lost Art, downtown on Friday night. I was very upset to find a sign stating they would be closed Saturday due to the parade.

Can't you see the disappointment on my face? Despite that, I did make it to Yarn Quest Saturday afternoon. I found a couple balls of a fun cotton yarn in a cherry color. This will be (yet another) yarn for a baby project.

I also picked out a souvenir sock yarn that reminds me of Lake Michigan and the beautiful sandy shores.

See the likeness? And yes, the water level is sadly quite low.

Well, I'm off to do some relaxing and knitting for now. You can see the rest of our favorite pics at Flickr.
We're headed to an outdoor concert this evening. The weather is perfect.


Kim said...

Congratulations to all 4 runners!! The wine tasting sounds like the best part of the weekend to me. The one close-up you have of Meagan looks JUST like you.

The Outlaw Kyle said...

I'm a big fan of Chateau Chantel, at least the place if not the wine. So flippin cool up on that hill on the peninsula. Good work running. I myself never move faster then a trot, so I' glad to see other people do it.

Patty Ann said...

I have the business card from the Lost Art yarn shoppe, the lace pullover in the front window was called empire if that helps at all. You would love it.
My biggest surprise was how NOT crowded Cherry Festival was, people implied we'd be frustrated with the crowds.
Everyone's pictures turned out great. Mine are still in the camera..gotta love 35mm.
Meagan and I are thinking about making some flaming cherries jubilee. Or you could try it and let us know how that works out!

karl said...

Great job on the run. I've never ran more than 2 miles in a row, I don't think.

Did Brian watch a movie on his iPhone during the race?