Jul 10, 2007

Whitefish Lake and the weekend

Since nobody posted about Christmas projects, I'll gues I'm going to have a very easy crafting season this year! Don't worry, I'm sure I'll still think of some crafy goodness- whether you want it or not.

I didn't get the chance to post pics of my "yarn porn" from Hello Yarn yet. This is the yarn I bought with my gift certificate, so it doesn't count as breaking my yarn diet.

I have a shawl in mind for this beautiful turquiose. It shines like a jewel and has a little color variance with a small amount of green peaking through.

This is sock yarn - but I think it would look very smart as a scarf. The color is Waxwing.

A little photo montage from the weekend at my Flickr account. We had a nice relaxing weekend. Brian's highschool friends, Carl, Jessie and Kyle made it up for some beanbag toss and pizza Friday night. Saturday we basically vegged out with Brian's family while enjoying the gorgeous sunshine. I had a nice zen moment while rocking on the porch, drinking wine, and listening to my favorite album, the soundtrack to "The Last Kiss."

I also (almost) finished the Pea Pod Baby Sweater.

The sleeves worked out fine once I picked up stitches from the body and knit outward. I couldn't do the cuffs in the same rib pattern as the neckline and hem, but the seed stitch matches nicely with the button band.

Now I just need to find some fitting buttons. I have yet to decide if I will make the matching hat. My dilemma is that I don't know what size to make it. The sweater is obviously much larger than originally intended.

BTW - there is a great book sale at Knit Picks right now - 40% off in stock books!

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Patty Ann said...

I'm sorry but now socks just remind me of that Conchords Youtube about getting busy.
It sure does look relaxing up at Whitefish lake.
I keep hearing that Traverse will be very crowded this weekend. Oh well. Great people watching I guess.