Jul 26, 2007

Pick of the Week

Inspired by Fivecoat of Action-Squad, I'd like to try a new weekly feature. (Well, weekly until I get sick of it that is.) I don't know that I'll try all new products, like he challenges with his project "What's the Big Deal?", but I'd like to encourage others to try the products that I particularly enjoy.

My feature this week:

The Stratton Family introduced us to this product several weeks ago. Those that know us well, know we always have a Coke Zero nearby. Sometimes I feel like switching it up a little, and when I do, Fanta Zero will be my go to. Fanta Zero is a delicious orange soda treat with none of the guilt associated with calories or caffeine! It's the perfect dinner beverage because you're not lying in bed three hours later staring at the ceiling and cursing yourself for that everlasting burst of caffeine. And did I mention it's delicious?! Good luck finding it at your local grocer, though. We have yet to find it in Holland....but we won't give up soon. Let me know if you find it!


Anonymous said...

Where did you purchase this doubly delicious bubbly beverage? Does Meijer have it? I think I love it in advance. Linda

brian said...

el supermercado. i think kzoo has one.

Matt Stratton said...

We totally buy our Fanta Zero at the Jewel.

Although the first purchase of Fanta Zero was by my friend Chris the day before the wedding at the White Hen down the street from the hotel.

I hope this helps in your quest for Zerotastic Fantanmasity.

Kim said...

Sounds yummy. I love Cherry Coke Zero--it doesn't have the nasty-diet taste that others do.

I like the new feature. Where is your garden update? Have you had lots of veggies yet?