Jul 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

We're enjoying a relaxing 4th. I hope you are too.

Our friends Carrie and Matt made a pit stop at our place last night on their way up to their family's lakehouse.

We enjoyed a lakeside grill with steak from a local butcher (so good!) and the basic corn on the cob/baked potato/salad (with greens from the garden!). We also enjoyed the fireworks - but quickly lost our buzz in the traffic jam on the way home.

Since it was quite dreary this morning, we had time to complete a few odds and ends around the house. I was especially proud of myself for finally making the curtain for the upstairs bathroom. A little privacy is always appreciated. Brian hung a new bamboo blind in the office.

We spent some time in the yard. Low and behold, while I was weeding the veggie garden, I found these....

They were just dangling under the leaves - so coy. I totally looked past them for the last week. Fortunately, the squirrels seem to be looking past them too. Maybe squirrels don't appreciate their vitamins and minerals. I can't wait to eat my first bunch. I bet I won't be saying that in a few weeks.

Lastly, a few pics Brian shot around the house. Just a little eye candy to enjoy the day with.


Patty Ann said...

Dad used my sewing machine yesterday too! His flag was all frayed on the ends, so he did that while I made potato salad and Meagan watched tigers.
After dinner we watched a male and female bluebird checking out the bluebird house. They're pickier than people on HGTV before they commit. We could add a deck I suppose.
We're off to watch Verlander pitch today, should be great.

Anonymous said...

Your green beans are beautiful! They do have a tendancy to hide. Linda