Jul 31, 2007

Ten years already

I had my ten year reunion this weekend, but I'm sad to say the highlight of my weekend was not the reunion, but buying this lampshade at Ikea.

We made an impromptu visit to Ikea Saturday to scope out the bookshelves/rugs/couches. We didn't have room to bring anything big home, but I absolutely had to have this lampshade for our future nursery. My favorite part is the blue bird. Buying the lampshade doesn't necessarily speak as much to the reunion as it does towards my current obsession with all things baby.

So anyway, back to the reunion. We had about 40 or so people there, including spouses. It was amazing to see all of these old familiar faces again, but I really didn't reconnect in a strong way with anyone. I was impressed to here the successes of different people and enjoyed looking at baby pics. Everyone was very nice and all clique - lines seemed to have dissolved. I was also surprised by how many of my classmates have left Michigan. I hope more people will decide to make the trip back for the 25th reunion.

I don't have any great reunion pictures - I was a little too shy and sober to get cheesey with the camera.


Patty Ann said...

Does Squishy like the blue bird also?
I have a chocolate zucchini bread recipe with coconut pudding in it, if anyone is interested.

Amber said...

Not that you need another craft, but this blog http://soulemama.typepad.com/
has a really cool idea for a nursery decoration that reminds me of this lamp. Check it out! Sounds like you have a BAD case of baby fever! I too am feeling a little "feverish" but I find that it passes quickly when I hold a friends newborn and then am able to give it back when it starts crying!

Kim said...

Was Julie O. there? Have you heard from her lately?