Jul 3, 2007

They're all taken

All of my close friends are now married - and all to terrific guys. So ends the era of being a bridesmaid....
Meredith's wedding was beautiful. She has never looked happier or more graceful.

This picture seemed to be right out of a bridal magazine! Her dress had tiers of silver lace and a bejeweled bust line. The veil mimicked the dress with tiny beads along the edge. The bridesmaids had their pick of the Alfred Angelo dress line as long as the color remained the same - "tealness." I loved the look of my dress, but quickly realized on the day of the wedding that it was not conducive to dancing. I could not lift my arms above 200 degrees!

My favorite memories from the wedding:

1) How beautiful Meredith was - inside and out.
2) The bagpipes bringing the bride in at the ceremony.
3) Spending time with my long distance friends - David and Amber.
4) Our "choreographed" dance to "I Would Walk 500 Miles"
5) Her stepfather, Ron, singing "The Prayer"

Here's a few of my favorite pics - I'll let you know when we get them on our Flickr account.

The gang's all here!

My former maid honor, Kim

No pics allowed during the ceremony - but this one is nice from the dismissal.

A Few Good Men

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!

I'm on vacation right now - just chilling out with no big plans. Yesterday Brian and I spent time (forever) at AT&T activating his iPhone. Until then, he was just fondling an inactive machine. He is in love with his phone - but says it second in coolness to me.

And for everyone thinking "I thought they were on the Dave Ramsey plan"....We are! This was months and months of Brian's allowance saved up. He was quite disciplined in saving his money after he heard the Apple announcement last year. The only time he broke his focus was when the Nintendo Wii came out. I, on the other hand, run out of allowance every month. All it takes is one good ball of yarn or sale at the Gap and I'm done for.

I hope you all have a nice 4th of July! Let's cross our fingers for sunshine.

P.S. Kim has posted an exhaustive recap of the wedding at her own blog.


Patty Ann said...

Beautiful pictures. The first one looks like an Estee Lauder ad. Meredith's mother's garden is incredible. It's so amazing to see you girls together, all doing so well.
Mitch Albom opened his radio show last night describing how awesome his iphone is. Wow. Brian is going to wonder how he ever survived without one.

Carrie said...

You all look so pretty! I love your dress at the rehearsal. That pic of Meredith sitting in the garden is great! Don't forget that you'll probably have to be a bridesmaid for you little sis, so its not over yet!

Kim said...

I would just like to point out that I prefer to be referred to as your maid of honor--I mean, if I am your former maid of honor, with whom did you replace me? I still call you my maid of honor!

I actually blogged about the wedding too and have a few photos of my own up--Brian, get your photos on flickr!!! I am dying to see them.