Sep 13, 2007

Bad Mom

I am an awful person. We have a dog walker twice/week. Because of our vacation, this week’s schedule was switched around. I assumed I had assigned the walker to come on Wednesday and Thursday since I would be swamped Wednesday on my first day back to work. I left a message with her Tuesday to confirm for the next day.
Brian came home Wednesday to find the newspaper in her crate shredded to pieces and food still in the bowl. Miraculously, though, Maggie had not had a single “accident” in her crate. Our neighbor complained to Brian that she had been “crying all day.” The dog walker’s payment was still on the table. I was furious! I thought we should fire her for not showing up. I called and left an angry message.
When the walker returned my call, she told me she had Maggie down for Thursday and Friday. I found the scrap paper where I had recorded the dates…she was right. Apparently she never received my voicemail confirmation the night before.
Maggie survived, but I feel so guilty. I guess someone’s getting a new chew toy from a bad mom.


Patty Ann said...

Poor little girl. It's amazing the stamina they have for crying. She'll learn to entertain herself though. Maybe she was so excited you are back that she just wanted to play all day.

Shari said...

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