Sep 3, 2007

Surprise #2! (and more puppy pics, of course)

We pulled off the 50/50/30 surprise party for my parents this Saturday. Unless they're good liers, they seemed totally oblivious. We invited both sides of the family and church friends out to the state park on Wampler's Lake for a BBQ and just good old fashioned fun. We had a great time playing ladderball, beanbag toss, fishing, eating, and laughing at Maggie harass the other three dogs.

Here's my immediate family.

My mom loved meeting her new grandpuppy.

Sunday was a day to kick back and relax. Meagan gave a good effort towards her first time skiing. Unfortunately, she just ended up swallowing a lot of lake water. Sorry Meagan, I know you'll hate this picture, but it's the best we got.

Maggie took a trip to Ann Arbor to meet our friend, Mark. Funniest comment I heard while walking her down the sidewalk was a guy with a group of girls - "I say 'awesome,' you say 'adorable'". And I don't want to hear anything about the U of M upset this past Saturday.

We finished up the weekend at the cottage on Whitefish Lake. The day seemed to pass by far too quickly. We BBQ'd with the family and our friends Carrie and Matt (with their Sheltie, Scout). Maggie had fun tormenting Scout and worked on her doggie paddle.

You probably won't hear from me again until we're back from our trip - Viva Las Vegas! I've got a lot to accomplish before we leave. I hope you all had an excellent weekend!


Meagank7 said...

you're right, definitely not impressed with the skiing picture but i suppose it's difficult to snap a photo of someone who can't even get up on skis! (can you e-mail me the pictures from the party?)

Patty Ann said...

Meagan sort of looks like she's trick skiing. OH well. It was too choppy out and too many other boats when we went out.
Maggie's whiskers show up so much in that picture she looks like a little seal. She does like the water.
Very nice picture of the whole family. We sure had a great time. We were totally surprised! Lucky you only let me have a small drink of Uncle John's spiked apple cider.