Sep 18, 2007

Poop is not for eating.

When puppies eat other dog's poop as a delicacy, they risk:
a) bad breath
b) being too full for dinner
c) costing their parents $50 payment for fecal testing and treatment for coccidia
d) all of the above

Yes, the correct answer would be "all of the above."

Now, honestly, I've never seen nor allowed Maggie to eat another dog's poop. Maybe this happened when she wasn't on our watch, or perhaps at the puppy mill. Anyway, Maggie had a recheck with her vet today for her cough. She was given an asthma-type medication with the presumption that she has some persistent inflammation for the recent case of bronchitis. I brought them the stool sample that the office staff always seems to pine for, and low and behold, Maggie has a parasitic intestinal infection. It's pretty mild, so she hasn't had any of the symptoms such as weight loss or diarrhea. She should be cured shortly!

As for other dogs who have played with Maggie - they should be fine as I don't believe I have let any other canines snack on her poop!


Chris said...

Luckily Cayman doesn't have that problems with other dogs, only with her own, which is why we are quick to pick it up :-)

Kim said...

Is the asthma-like cough due to the poop parasite? Frodo has a wheeze/cough and he LOVES to eat poop (his, Pippin's, rabbit). Do I have to go to the vet?? Please say no!

Angie said...

Chris - Cayman is just very tidy.

Kim - nope, I asked that specifically. The cough is totally unrelated.

Patty Ann said...

Poor Maggie I hope she's feeling better. Are you sure those pesky squirrels aren't dropping poop into your yard?
Is the wedding Friday or Saturday? Looks like a beautiful weekend either way.

Lisa said...

Hi from Hudsonville! I just found you on Ravelry. (great isn't it?) Your little dog is just adorable! I hope she is better soon!