Sep 23, 2007

My first sister-in-law

Jeffrey married Jacqueline this past Friday. They had a beautiful ceremony in downtown GR. We celebrated the reception at the Amway Grand Plaza. Her mother and aunt put a lot of time into the planning and it payed off. They are now honeymooning in Hawaii. Sounds like a perfect getaway.

Here are all the kids. I got to spend a lot more time with David's girlfriend, Julie. It was nice to get to know her better. We got along quite well, which I'm pleased about because I'm quite sure she's going to be with the family for a long time.

Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of Patty Sue! She did look stunning, though!

The rest of the weekend was spent with yard work and entertaining Maggie. We went to PetSmart and picked out her first doggy bed. She loved it so much that she woke me up at 5:30 am so that she could get out of her crate and go downstairs to sleep in the bed. She also met a 1 1/2 year old beagle at the pet store. They were so cute together.

Thankfully, the other dog was very calm. I hope Maggie turns out that well-behaved. You see she's just flopped down hoping to roll around together. We took her downtown Holland last night while we ate dinner at New Holland Brewery. She was very well behaved and socializes nicely with strangers. She pulled an escape act at the restaurant and slipped right out of her new harness. She didn't even try to run away until I noticed she was loose. That got a good laugh from the other customers.


Patty Ann said...

Beautiful wedding pictures!
I hope Brian posts more of them.
Looks like Maggie is having high adventures, meeting new people and dogs.

brian said...

The girls are red, white and blue.

We are so patriotic and incredibly good-looking.


Matt Stratton said...

I just glanced at this post at first, and thought "OMG, Maggie has gotten HUGE!"

Of course, upon further review, I discovered that I am an idiot.

Angie said...

Yeah Matt, that Holland water works wonders.

Meagank7 said...

Honestly... I did the exact same thing...