Nov 28, 2007

Son of a...

Tonight I had the extreme pleasure of a meeting a woman who played a great role in my love of knitting....the one and only Debbie Stoller!

Debbie is the author of Stitch n' Bitch, Stitch n' Bitch Nation, Happy Hooker, and most recently Son of Stitch n' Bitch. Stitch n' Bitch was the first book I purchased and taught me all of the basics of knitting, purling, increasing/decreasing, casting on/binding off. I often loan my copy of Stitch n' Bitch to beginning knitters because the text and drawings make it so simple to pick up the craft.

Her newest book features knitting for the men in your life. I was skeptical when I first flipped through, but she passed around some of the finished items. They were simply terrific. There are a few double-knit projects I can't wait to try out, including a hat with a celtic knot and a "naughty and nice" scarf that shows the silhouette of a woman's body when you hold the scarf flat. I know a guy that would cherish that scarf! Many of the projects have a little trick to them, because as Debbie says, men like toys.

The 40 minute drive to GR was well worth it to meet a clever author. I felt a little dumb when I approached her. What do you say to a woman you admire so much? All I could come up with was "Thank you." I hope she felt how much I meant it. BTW, I did take a pic with her on my camera phone, but unfortunately it didn't save as the memory was full. I'll just have to get another picture when I save enough money to go on her Caribbean "Stitch n' Beach" cruise!


Patty Ann said...

A stitch-n-beach cruise! The woman is a genius.
How many people were there? Sounds like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Such a knitting icon! What a treat to see a star in the knitting world. Remember when we saw the Yarn Harlot? Good times. Linda

Sparkiechic said...

i read that book too!! I loved it and saw the new one the other day when i was browsing before my knitting class at the clever ewe in Ada. I immediately thought of steve...he thinks I'm sexy when I knit! Imagine that!! :)