Feb 12, 2008

Blame it on the snow...and comcast

I haven't been blogging much lately because, for some ridiculous reason, whenever there is a blizzard, we lose our Comcast signal. Brian's called them no less than 5 times and gets the run around. They were supposed to come out on a service call a few weeks ago, so we hung around that Saturday. They never showed. When he called to ask what happened, they said they'd done some outside work a few days earlier, so they didn't need to come. It'd be nice if they'd have informed us of that! What was their compensation, well they said they wouldn't charge us for the service call. Excuse me! Charge us for something that's your problem?! What a rip off!

Moving on, this past weekend was a quiet and cold one. We took Maggie to the Harbor Humane Society for their Valentine's Day adopt-a-thon. They were offering microchipping for $10, so we went ahead and did it. Poor Maggie, but it didn't hurt me one bit! Now if she is ever lost or stolen, she can be scanned and identified through her tiny microchip. The chip is the size of a grain of rice and between her shoulderblades. As much as I try, I can't feel it.

While we were at the Humane Society, we took a look at their dogs. One of the employees told us they get a lot of beagles there. That was shocking to me. Apparently hunters give them up after they lose their hunting ability and new families decide they don't want a dog who runs away. She said they're hard to adopt out because people see them howling in their crates and don't want to take home a loud dog. I was moved to tears when we found an old beagle in the kennel. He had a husky howl and a sweet face. I hope he finds a home someday...a nice farm with room to roam.

Here's Maggie at the dog park on Saturday. She just loves taunting the big dogs. It's hard to catch her on camera as anything more than a blur.


Jacqueline said...

Good idea getting Maggie micro-chipped...a lot of shelters and breeders require it now. Your heart gets so attached to your dog, it gives some comfort knowing that if she is found, they can determine who she belongs to =)

Patty Ann said...

That dog Maggie is playing with looks more like a wolf.

Your grandmother is angry at Comcast also. They took away EWTN with the Mother Angelica program!