Feb 26, 2008

Still spinning...

I know I don't mention it much, but I am still spinning on my borrowed Louet. This is my second project. I purchased this alpaca spinning top at the Holland Dutch Kerstmarkt. This is from a local Alpaca farm, Circle R Ranch. I was able to spin the 8 oz into a little over 116 yards of 2 ply worsted.

This baby alpaca was especially soft and smooth, but that also made it difficult for a new spinner. The fiber didn't hold onto itself very easily, so I found myself letting a lot of thick bunches of fiber go by just to avoid breaking my flow. I also overspun some areas, which caused areas of the ply to coil onto itself like a bad perm. All in all, it turned out decent. I think I could make a nice fluffy scarf or mittens with this. But first, I have to take on the adventure of color dying.

1 comment:

Patty Ann said...

Hahahaha bad perm, does that ever bring back images of the 1980's. The yarn looks incredible, whatever you decide to make out of it is going to be really warm and soft.