Feb 12, 2008

For those TTC

For those out there TTC, check out this ticker at Lilypie.

Lilypie 15 - 80 day cycle Ticker

And yes, for those not TTC, this may seem like TMI. But some will understand. I think it's just plain fun.

Okay - I was mistaken last time. I misread my body. Here's my new ticker.

Lilypie 15 - 80 day cycle Ticker


Amber said...

You are so funny! I hope you can change it to a baby timeline instead of a TTC!

Carrie said...

You've been spending way too much time on the nest. Have fun POAS and don't stress too much over the 2WW. Don't forget to check the CM. Did you finish reading TCOYF? Hopefully you don't get AF, but a BFP! heeee! :)

Angie said...

Okay Carrie, POAS is the only one I don't know....oh wait, I just got it. Peeing on a stick. I thought you'd say have fun with the BD.

Jacqueline said...

Even though I am not part of the TTC club yet, this is so cute! I want one just to make my blog pretty. I have been saying lots of prayers for a little neice or nephew =)


Angie said...

Unfortunately I think I got it wrong, I don't think I actually ovulated yet. So the stupid chart is inaccurate. It's still nice to look at.

mamie said...

I told Ang I was totally lost! My remedy is this, GO GET DRUNK AND HAVE FUN!!! Only as a mother-in-law can encourage!