Mar 6, 2008

American Idol Talkback

1) I would've never guessed David Hernandez was a stripper, but now that I know, I have no idea how I didn't see that before.

2) Why doesn't Randy know Ramiele's name? Come on, Ramalee? I would've been so annoyed if I was her. But I was a bit annoyed at her statement through song, "Take a look at me now." So you have partied a few nights and were caught on camera. You don't have to be so dramatic about your defense.

3) David Archuleta - you are a dream. You may lick your lips obsessively, but you're still dreamy. If I was 13, I'd have posters of you taped over my bed.

4) Paula = manic.

5) David Cook's hair gives me flashbacks of when Brian tried to grow his hair out last winter. These are not good flashbacks.

6) Danny, I'll miss you. Forever I will think of you when I hear "ish."


Chris said...

Well I didn't listen to my radio station yesterday, but all I know is the past two weeks they have been really talking bad about this "Danny" guy. So it sounds like he did get kicked off. At least I can keep up with American Idol through radio :-)

Carrie said...

haha! I always think of Danny when I hear "ish" too! And I heart David Archeleta(sp?). He is so adorable!