Mar 8, 2008

Sunny Saturday

I am back from a morning trip to Kzoo to see my very dear friend, Linda. Maggie and I have the house to ourselves as Brian has left for Rockford to brew beer with friends.

Maggie has found a nice sunny spot to slumber in. As you can see, we still have plenty of snow outside, but the sun sure warms the heart.

I had a great time in Kalamazoo. We knit at Waterstreet Coffee Joint, and I made sure to bring some coffee home. I can't wait to brew some tomorrow (none today because I gave up caffeine for Lent). Linda showed me her new home which she'll move into the end of this month. She described it as English cottage style - I think it looks simply perfect.

I made sure to stop by St. Tom's to check out the construction. For all of you St. Tom's alumni, I made sure to snap a few photos for you to share in. It still has a long way to go, but the entrance looks magnificent.

You know what else looked magnificent? (in a more understated way) These felted mittens that Linda made. They're thick, warm, and could double as oven mitts.

But speaking of knitting, I'm off to go do some of my own! Hope you all are enjoying the sunbeams.

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Kim said...

It's hard to imagine, but it looks like a huge project. Make sure to tell me when you hear about a re-opening.