Mar 30, 2008

On a Lighter Note

Today we had the opportunity to meet up with a few high school friends of mine. I haven't seen my friend, Kate, for several years as she was in the process of becoming a nun, so she was out of state and did not get to come home very often. After a few years, she felt that she was no longer being called to that religious life. I'm sure it was a difficult decision to leave, but she'll still be serving God, now in a less structured fashion.

We met up with Kate and Julie (as well as Julie's family) at Frederik Meijer Gardens. The butterflies are in bloom, and beautiful as always. We didn't find any African Moon moths, but saw an awesome Atlas moth fresh out of the cocoon. It was as large as my hand! The moths really only come out at night, so most of the visitors won't see them other than in the "Butterfly Bungalow." After all of that, they only live 3-4 days.

I love spending time with Julie's kids. She has three with a fourth on the way! They are all so friendly and smart. My favorite moment of the day was carrying their middle child back to the car. We had been playing outdoors in the tree house area. She finally and abruptly became exhausted. Instead of getting crabby, she just kept repeating in a meek voice, "I am sleepy. I am so tired." As a I carried her with her head resting on my shoulder, she lamented on how far away the door was. At 35 pounds, I soon grew tired and handed her to Brian. When he mentioned to her how heavy she was, she just stated, "I know." Her cuteness makes my ovaries cramp with the desire for my own children.

After sucking on a lemon

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Patty Ann said...

One more Julie and you'd have the Wizard of Oz gang all together. So glad they were able to come out and visit, don't the butterflies make us all feel like children?