Nov 25, 2008

Black Friday

I hope you are all getting your lists ready for my favorite (shopping) day of the year! If you're thinking, "We don't have the sales ads yet." No worries! Check out this website. Brian and I have already scoped out all the deals on flat screen t.v.'s. Target is also selling the video camera we want at a rock bottom price, if anyone feels like waiting in line at 6 am to buy us a Christmas gift :)


Matt Stratton said...

I'm not sure exactly what all we are going to shop for (Carrie knows) but I DO know that we'll be chowing on McGriddles in honor of Brian.

patty said...

I am actually thinking of getting an early start at Target this Friday!!

Sparkiechic said...

I bought everything i needed when it became available on line thursday morning. Thanks to the black friday website I signed up for alerts on when my shopping listed items became available (in limited quantities) and never had to fight my way through crowds and lines--I even got a best buy "doorbuster" item--a new GPS system for Steve and I..that we've been waiting since July to buy. So I never had to get out of bed friday morning! I'll probably do it again next year too.