Nov 25, 2008

Showered with love

I was given a baby shower by my in-laws this last Sunday. The hostess was the wonderful Jessie Hessler, one of Brian's high school friends. Her house is perfectly fit for a party. Jessie, my MIL Patty, SIL Jacqueline, and soon to be SIL Julie took great care in every small detail and it really showed.

Stationary favors for everyone.

November 2008 038

Beautiful flowers at each table.

November 2008 035

We had a delicious lunch of chicken salad on croissants with fruit and muffins. Everything was plated ahead of time, so all we had to do was sit and eat! It was so good, I eyed the extra plates across from me and thought about wolfing them down too.

November 2008 030

The dessert spread was pretty darn delicious too!

November 2008 041

We played a baby game where everyone had to guess between me and my two sisters as well as Brian and his two brothers. It was hard enough to tell girls from boys, much less who was who. I didn't even know who I was. (I'm none of these, but guess which one is Brian.)

November 2008 033

I received so many nice gifts, including hand knit items, hand stitched burp cloths, a quilt, our pack 'n play, and our crib/changing table combo with mattress. The girlie outfits were all so cute that I found myself wishing they came in my size. The best part was that guests gave me books instead of cards, with a personal message written inside the cover. I read a few of them when I got home that night (while Brian built the crib). Some were so touching I was brought to tears, others had me laughing just at the thought of them (I'll post more on that later).

So, thank you to all who came and all who planned! I can't imagine a nicer way to celebrate the upcoming birth! Charlotte is going to be well- loved.

And last but not least, a belly photo..

November 2008 043


Meagank7 said...

that's a really great picture of you two! curious what camera it came from... ? my photographer side is showing :)

Angie said...

I don't know - Julie, what kind of camera do you have?

3girlmommy said...

You are one of the most adorable mom's to be I have ever seen. I am so excited for you. Kristin

patty said...

Guess who's going to have cheesecake for Christmas?? My entire cake was leftover and I managed to keep it away from chuckles :)

I happy you felt "showered with love" Angie. You deserve it all!