Nov 4, 2008

Voting is fun!

BB and I just got back from voting. Our polling location was a bit hectic and it seemed many people were first time voters - although they looked to be in their 70s. It was fun, nonetheless, to exercise our democratic rights. We're really hoping that our proposal 4 gets voted down so we can lift the prohibition of wine/beer sales on Sundays in Ottawa Co. Right now, none of the local restaurants are open on Sundays as its not worth it to them with limited alcohol sales.
After voting, we enjoyed a delicious diner breakfast at Jackie's Place. Hashbrowns, toast, bacon and eggs over-medium. There's no better way to get your day off to a greasy start! Now I need to go walk the dog and burn some of that off.
Have fun voting!!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Did it get passed or are you guys still dry on Sundays?? Gotta love the east side of the state. Prop A passed, though, so anyone who is sick can't drink in your county on Sundays but can smoke pot. Do you ever wonder what is up with the electorate?? How do people decide? Uneducated voters irk me. That would have been a good one for your pet peeve post a while back.