Jun 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Maggie!

Maggie turns 2 today. Supposedly she is still supposed to be a naughty and hyper puppy at this age, demonstrating her teenage rebellion. Quite the contrary. Maggie is a calm and dear puppy. She has been an angel since Charlotte came home. She has been more subdued, sleeps a lot, but is always eager for a walk. I would love to say she doesn't destroy things anymore, but to prove me wrong, she ate my sunglasses yesterday. (In her defense, I did leave them on the floor.) I still see the puppy in her once in a while, like after her bath when she runs laps around the house at top speed (baths are like crack to her) or when she spots a squirrel. And she hasn't met a pile of cat poop that she wouldn't like to roll in. But her good qualities overshadow her bad any day. Isn't that how everyone feels about their "children?"
Someday I would like to bring home another puppy playmate for Maggie, but we're going to need a fenced in backyard before I do that. For now she's my one and only furry friend. Happy Birthday pups.

(Maggie when we first got her - I'll never stop loving those floppy ears.)


patty said...

She IS Grammiee and Grampa's buddy for sure. Happy Birthday Maggie! We love you!

Patty Ann said...

Snoopy Dance! Happy Birthday Maggie!