Jun 22, 2009

Weekend in review

As many know, our basement was flooded in the crazy storms this weekend. Brian's weak attempt at playing weather man gives an accurate summary:

As we prepared for sleep at midnight, we heard a car driving through the lake typically known as our street. My heart sank when I looked out the window, knowing that our basement must be in trouble. It sort of made it funny that I had scolded Brian for not mopping up a small puddle he had found in the basement earlier that evening. All four rooms of our daylight basement were covered in about 2" of water at that time. The water had backed up through our grey water drainage in the floor, and did the same to all of our neighbors. We waded through and picked everything up and out of the water of value (mattresses, children's toys, dresser, tools, camping equipment, chest freezer, etc.) By the grace of God, we weren't electrocuted. Overnight, the water level increased to about 4". Saturday AM, in true day after Thanksgiving style, Brian busted down the door to Menard's and bought the last of the shop vacs with a water pump. We spent the day sucking up water, moving all of our stuff out to the garage, and drying out boxes and carpet. It was no fun, but now we've redesigned our set-up to make our next flood much easier to clean up.

These pics don't really do it justice - just looks like a mess!

I was too cheap to throw out all of our moving boxes - so they got to sunbathe until they dried out.

We really were quite lucky compared to other horror stories I heard - tree limbs crashing through ceilings and spearing a bed, 5' of water in the basement, and sewage backing up in a basement and ruining wedding photos. I'm counting my blessings, and planning on getting an estimate to cut our dying tree down before it not only damages our house, but hurts one of us.

Sunday we enjoyed Brian's first Father's Day up at the cottage. Charlotte got to swim in Whitefish Lake and play in her own personal pool. Quite a spoiled baby!

Charlotte and Grandpa

She's almost sitting up!


Julia said...

well, glad to hear you survived with most treasures in tact... and it'll be a great story in 5 years when the pain has faded ;)

Carrie said...

After our basement flooded, we went out and bought LOTS of plastic tubs to replace all the cardboard boxes that had been on the floor. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that.

That picture of Charlotte and Grandpa is so cute! She looks good in hats! They hide her bald little head! :)

Rachael said...

I'm telling ya Angie, sell those boxes on Craigs list! People are willing to pay for boxes to move and you have so many! I sold 15 boxes for 10 bucks within 24 hours!

BammerKT said...

Charlotte may or may not be a spoiled baby but she is a cuteeeeeeee one!