Jun 9, 2009

Writer's Block

I haven't felt creative for blogging lately and have been a bit absorbed in Facebook (now that I've finally given into the peer pressure). So what do mommies do when they have writer's block? Why, write about their kids of course!

Charlotte is almost 5 months now. It took her about 4 weeks, but she has finally grasped the concept of eating cereal. Now that she understands how good her belly feels with cereal, she loves to finish the whole bowl. And I love it because she now (sometimes) goes to bed for Daddy and doesn't want that last bedtime snack. I know I'll miss those last little cuddles someday, but for now I'm grateful for a little time to myself.

She continue to grow more playful and talkative. She is learning to hold objects, trade them hand to hand, suck on her thumb (and toes!). She will look to you when you call to her and is always willing to give a smile.

Here is one of her new garage sale finds - very cool toy.

As you can see, she is our constant source of entertainment. Can anyone place Brian's quote?


Jacqueline said...

What is Anchorman?

Patty Ann said...

She really does have a lot to say! Great pictures!

Angie said...

Ha. Very good Jacq.