Jun 6, 2009

Tis' the season

Forget the Christmas bargains, the time to get great deals is summer garage sales! Unfortunately I am working this morning, and this is the day that the upper class neighborhoods are selling their "junk" (my treasures). But we did sneak into a "preview" sale last night and found many toys for Charlotte.
At one stop we managed to get 5 great light up/noise making/balls through tubes toys and a foam bumper for the coffee table for a grand price of $5. Even if Charlotte is still entertained by her current toys, I'm bored by them, so I'm glad to have more stuff to play with. A friend of mine is a garage sale guru/addict and taught me toys and baby clothes are the best deal at sales. I hesitate to buy too many clothes right now as it is already hard to rotate her through all of the outfits she currently owns. But I'm willing to shop for my friends if they give me the thumbs-up on used clothing.


Amber said...

garage sales, goodwill, you name it....GREAT places to find bargains. I go to a thrift store and am a brand name snob...I sift through the racks looking for Old Navy, Gap, Gymboree brands, then I look at what they are. I have found some awesome stuff this way!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine let me come to their "preview" yard sale yesterday to take a early look at all of her baby stuff. I left with TONS of great stuff. Some of the clothing items barely look worn at all. I had no idea what I'd need or what sizes but at .50 cents, why not!?! It was great fun.