Apr 15, 2007

New socks

I'm so excited to use the new Socks that Rock yarn Meagan bought me for my birthday. It's perfect for spring. See how well it complements my tiny vegetable starters?

I want to make the Monkey socks from Knitty.com. They even appear to be the same colorway, although the designer used a different brand of yarn. I have wanted to knit one of Cookie's patterns for a while. She comes up with a lot of creative sock designs.

The pattern seems fairly busy, but hopefully I'll memorize the pattern after a few repeats. I want to knit on these at the medical conference I'm headed to next week. My lace shawl is a little too high maintenance for a conference. Has anyone else attempted this pattern?


Amber said...

Wow! That pattern looks complex! You are awesome!

Patty Ann said...

No, haven't attempted that pattern. hahaha. It looks like it's going to make some very gorgeous socks. As they say, green is a "living" color, it looks good on everyone.

Angie said...

Actually, the pattern is deceptive. It is incredibly easy. There is a 11 row repeat- same pattern on each of the four dpns. It just uses knit, purl, yarn over, knit2tog and ssk. I already have the leg done on one sock but I'm supposed to be saving them for the conference.