Apr 1, 2007

Kiss the Bride

This Saturday I celebrated the last few days of single life for my friend Carrie. She is a great friend I made in my sorority days at Western. In true Carrie style - she rocked the casbah for her bachelorette party. The city of Chicago was taken by storm. Well, it actually was sort of stormy out if you want to be literal. We started the night with gifts, sangria, and excellent hors d'eouvres. The true party women then boarded a trolley and headed out to find trouble. (Note: all incriminating photos will be spared for the sake of future job prospects for the bride)

We first stopped by the piano bar, Howl at the Moon. Carrie found a comfortable spot on the stage, and jello shot syringes to share with all. She had some signature tambourine moves.

Next stop Durkins. I found it a little crowded. We were in and out of there pretty fast. We found time to feed Carrie a few shots. This shot didn't go down very easy.

Last stop on the trolley ride - Carol's. This was my favorite bar due to the live country band. The "Chicago boys" Dave and Mark showed up just in time to spin us around the dance floor for a while.

I had a great time with Carrie and got the chance to get to know some of her friends (and sisters) better. She is a true friend who has finally found her true mate. She always feared growing old with cats - we always knew she would have everything she wanted. Can't wait for the wedding!


Matt Stratton said...

"She always feared growing old with cats"

I think that probably was mostly a fear due to her allergy to cats.

Angie said...

Oops, maybe that was my fear...especially since I don't really like cats.

Patty Ann said...

Carrie looks so happy, I'm sure it was best to not put all the photos on the web. hahaha.

Kim said...

No, Carrie WAS afraid of being an old "schoolteacher" who had ninety cats. So was I!

Congratulations on a fun weekend--you know it's good when you ride on a trolley!!! Remember when we did that, Carrie, that first New Year's in Chicago? Two of our poor friends walked home in the slush (no names), while we were warm and being hit on by drunk guys.

Carrie will make a gorgeous, happy bride!

Angie, I didn't see a drink in your hand. Your next blog post might be a good one...

Matt Stratton said...

Carrie probably got Scout to prevent some cats from moving in with her!

Carrie said...

Ang, I am so glad that you came out last weekend! It wouldn't have been the same without you!!!