Apr 28, 2007

Home Sweet Home

The Primed conference was just as informative as ever. It's always nice to get the latest updates on evidence based medicine regarding topics from hypertension to treatment of bladder reflux in children. It's impossible as a primary care provider to keep up to date with all the new research, but this conference does an excellent job of giving a well rounded report.

Kristin, a PA I previously worked with, was able to attend with me this year. She's a fellow knitter and mother of three lovely girls, so we had a lot to catch up on.

(Notice the knitting in our laps)

One of the most surprising presentations I attended was titled "Food Poisoning." The speaker presented various poison cases in pediatrics. Just for kicks - three of the six items below are deadly to children, the others are suprisingly okay. Pick the 3 you think are dangerous.

1) Clorox Bleach
2) D-Con mouse pellets
3) Visine eye drops
4) Vicks Vapo-Rub
5) Silica gel packets (the kind in your shoe box)
6) Pepto Bismol

I used to be very impressed by all of the pharmaceutical displays and "swag." Maybe it's the fact that the displays have been the same for the past four years, or maybe they're giving lame gifts now (how many post-it note holders does a girl need?), but I just wasn't too interested. In fact, now I take pity on the poor coffee barista who has made about 1500 s'mores lattes in just three days. I tell you, these doctors are greedy too. We watched a doctor try to bust his way into an asthma luncheon without a ticket. Dude, it's just a salad. Or perhaps he was "starved" for information.

I always get a kick out of the "corporate magician" for Alcon laboratories. His card tricks may always be the same, but they're still magic to me! Seriously, for one trick, he managed to get the lady's personally autographed 8 of spades in a sealed envelope in his wallet....in his pocket. Come on now. That has to be magic.

More on the conference knitting projects next time.


Meagank7 said...

i vote 2, 3 and 5

Patty Ann said...

I'm going to take a wild guess and say 1, 3 and 5. I seem to remember one of the little girls on our block growing up getting into some cleaning chemicals and luckily her brother had learned life-saving techniques in the boy scouts.

Anonymous said...

2 (D-con), 3 (Visene), and 5 (silica gel) are my guesses for the deadly ones, although I would still freak out if a kid ingested any of those 6 things. Then I would go to my doctor's office and ask for a thousand tests!!

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brian said...