Apr 10, 2007

Random updates..

Easter weekend was icy and chilling, but also a whole lot of fun. We alternate Thanksgiving and Easter with each family. This year, Easter was with my parents. Whenever we holiday at my parents, we look forward to much Polish food. It was delish. Ben entertained us with a wine comparison game and honed our skills in Blackjack to prep us for our upcoming Vegas vacation.

Brian brought his Nintendo Wii. Fun was had by all (except Meagan because she is a party pooper). She has some innate fear of the Wii-mote, I guess. Patty Ann had so much fun with the Wii that she managed to shatter her ceiling fan in an overhead tennis serve.

I think the Wii had it out for that fan anyway - it's very 80s. Sorry ma, but it could use a new millenia update.

Poor Cayman was forced to wear her seasonal slippers.

Chris says she likes them, but she kind of look likes she's saying, "Don't you dare take my picture. All of my friends are going to see me in these." She actually sort of looks like Ralphie in The Christmas Story.

Brian and I also enjoyed our birthday surprises and treats. We had a triple layer chocolate cake, covered in chocolate shavings. Yum! Perfect way to return to sweets after Lent.

I also received some fantastic presents - all kitchen and yarn oriented! Meagan dared to order some yarn on line. She picked out the Lemongrass colorway from Socks that Rock. I'll start some new socks soon. The yarn is pictured in a beautiful crystal serving bowl my mother gave me. It's adorned with tulips - the well known flower of my current Holland hometown.

Chris and Ben gave me a creme brulee kit and the new book, Victorian Lace Today. I've already scoped out the KAL. As you can see, I also have the new Yarn Harlot book. (That was a treat to myself.)

Now that I have this book full of gorgeous lace knitting patterns, I'm ogling lace yarn on line. Here's a little yarn porn pic for all of you lovers out there, courtesy of Yarn All Over.

Next time I'll show you what Carrie sent me for my birthday - an impressive kitchen gadget that every baker will want!


Patty Ann said...

Can't really blame Meagan. She walks into a house full of people looped out on Chardonnay after working a double shift. That is one heck of a fun game though. No pictures of the yummy kabobs, those were definitely awesome.
Nice haul for your b-day Angie, and it's not even until tomorrow. Update on peep jousting: Lois's grandchildren couldn't get the toothpicks to work either but fully enjoyed watching the peeps expand to 5 times their size.

patty said...

Sounds like your Easter was much more exciting than ours! Brian, we need to try out your WII!

More presents to come for you guys! I'm glad to say there won't be duplicates either!

brian said...

Let's not even get started on duplicate presents.

I'll just say that Yarn Harlot book is very irritating.

patty said...

Did you get duplicate presents?

Jessica Hessler said...

I'm just glad to know I am not the only one who got carried away with the Wii mote- at least I didn't shatter anything other than my dignity...