Aug 1, 2007

Pick of the Week #2

Any one who has met me knows I'm ordinarily the whitest of the white. I'm like white on rice. I make a baby look tan. Through the years I've experimented with many a self tanner - towelettes, aerosol, cream, and even the professional air brush. Through all of the stench and streaks, I've picked my favorite.

I really haven't experienced any streaking with this lotion. In the beginning, I mixed it with a moisturizer - but now I just go for it, just like I like my vodka...straight up. Well, maybe that's just how I take my Coke Zero. There is still a smell with this lotion, but it is not nearly as apparent as most. I can get away with applying it once a week and feel like I keep the natural glow. And it truly does appear more like a natural glow then Fraggle Rock orange. I love it!

Does anyone else have a favorite?

1 comment:

Kim said...

Angie WAS the most-tan one at Meredith's bachelorette party. I think Angie said that it was a first for her.

I still like Jergen's Daily Glow, but it does stink.