Aug 28, 2007


Tonight I finished the Elizabeth Zimmerman baby surprise jacket. There were a few surprises in this jacket, with the greatest being how much yarn it took! I started with two skeins of Berroco's cotton twist, which I purchased for a song during the cotton sale at Clever Ewe. The colorway is lingonberry. I quickly realized this would be nowhere near enough yarn, although I swear the shopowner told me two skeins would do it. So, at the Michigan Fiber Festival I found a periwinkle color I thought would stripe nicely with the lingonberry. Still not enough! I stopped at my LYS, Friends of Wool, next. They had neither of the two colors I was already working with. Instead, they had a wine color that was part of the Lingonberry. I figured it would work out because this would be the button band. I was right about the color, but wrong about how much. I finished the first skein about 4 rows short of completing the pattern. After another 1/4 skein, the sweater was complete. It was still completed for less than $25 despite all of the extra yarn purchases.

Here's the token photo that everyone takes of this project. See how it just looks like a deflated manta ray?

Fold in the sleeves and fold up the buttonband. Presto Chango! It's a baby jacket....well, more like a toddler, but you get the drift.

Now I just need to sew the shoulder/arm seams and find some buttons.

"Quiet, I'm hunting squirrels."


Anonymous said...

Angie,How do you feel about garter stitch now? Where was the squirrel hunting territory with all those cars in the background? Linda

Patty Ann said...

There was a cute cartoon in the newspaper yesterday about how babie's first outfit is imported specialty yarn, the next is whatever is on sale....I'll save it for you.
DWTS lineup announced this morning. Wayne Newton(?)...I think my money is on the race car driver.

Matt Stratton said...

That's teh cutest picture evah.

I am bringing five memory cards with me tomorrow just to take pictures of Maggie.

You think I'm joking.

Matt Stratton said...

Oh, and I hear that Mark Cuban is going to be on DWTS next season (to continue with PA's comment)...I'm hoping he gets to be introduced as "Chicago Cubs owner Mark Cuban".

Angie said...

She's hunting squirrels at the library.

I think Marie Osmond is going to be right up there with Leeza Gibbons.
Here's the cast for those who haven't heard.

brian said...

If Cuban buys the Cubs that will be the greatest flipping day ever!

Kim said...

She is such a cutie!! Does she bark at squirrels yet?