Jun 17, 2008

Casual Tuesday

It is such a beautiful day and Brian and I have no obligations tonight, so we're going to pack a picnic and head down to the beach for dinner and a sunset. I'm going to try to replicate a delicious salad that I had last Saturday at Reds in Rockford. The salad was simple, but delicious with strips of rotisserie chicken, cubes of aged cheese, apples and a vinaigrette. I'm going to try strawberries in the place of apples and picked up one of Kraft's new line of dressings in Vidalia Onion. I haven't decided on a dessert, but I'm sure we'd rather pick up ice cream at our very favorite local place on the way back, Captain Sundae. My mouth is watering already.

1 comment:

Patty Ann said...

You must be psychic. We're having spring greens with leftover chicken breast chopped up and gorgonzola.