Jun 15, 2008

The greatest compliment

We visited friends for dinner on Friday. While there, Mike mentioned to me that his wife had called me "Martha Stewart" the day prior. Now I don't know if it was out of spite, like "Damn that Martha Stewart for making me feel bad for ordering pizza for our dinner" or praise, "I can't wait to see what Martha Stewart brings for dessert."

I chose to take it as a compliment. Then I whipped out my cherry vanilla lattice pie. (Another Junior League recipe - it was goood.)


Jacqueline said...

I really wish I could pull a piece out of my computer screen. It looks so yummy!

Patty Ann said...

That looks good! Did you have seconds? Thirds? hahahaha.

mamie said...

There's no place like cherry pie...there's no place like cherry pie........Did you know cherry was my favorite? You betcha!