Jun 4, 2008

Happy Birthday my dear Maggie

(Letter to Maggie. Yes I know she can't read, but maybe if one of you are nice enough, you'll read it to her.)
Dear Maggie,
I can't believe you're turning 1 today! It seems only a few months ago that we first met you at the adoption center. We picked you out from your brothers because you were quiet, yet friendly. You were so tiny back then and seemed so fragile.

You've grown so big since then. I've also learned a lot more about you. You are very stubborn, still to this day if I say "sit," you seem to process it for several seconds knowing full well what I mean but considering your options. You are very clever - you can unzip your way out of your crate, slide under the baby gate, and somehow sneak into our bed at night without alerting Brian or I to your presence (that is, at least, until I figure out that I've lost 1/2 of my side of the bed to a curled up fuzzball). You are a kind companion to me and Brian, always curious to know where we are and always happy to greet us. You are friendly to all strangers and dogs. You make people of all ages smile when you give them a kiss.

I do miss some of your puppy ways - but I'm thrilled that you've given up a few. I don't know how or when you decided, but one day it just seemed you gave up on chewing the corners of the rugs, unrolling the toilet paper, and playing keep away with the kitchen/bathroom towels. You still make off with a flip-flop from time to time, but that's okay as long as it's Brian's.

So Happy Birthday to you Maggie! You're the best! (This is her new birthday shirt, I think she kind of hates it.)

P.S. Happy 1st Birthday to Fiona too! It seems many special girls were born June 5th.


Carrie said...

Awww...Happy Birthday Maggie. You are so darn cute! Maggie is very lucky to have such great doggy parents. :)

mamie said...

Happy 1st Birthday to a special Grandpuppy!!! We sure do love her and appreciate what she brings to the family!! BIG KISS! MUAH!!

Kim said...

Did you make the shirt she hates?? Do you have a birthday celebration or special treat for Maggie? Our doggie birthday treat is that I boil them a chicken breast and white rice and mix it half and half with their dry dog food. YUM!! Better than birthday cake!

Happy Birthday, Maggie!!!

mamie said...

there's a frosty paw in the freezer next time she visits!

Rachael said...

Angie, that letter is so sweet it seriously brought tears to my eyes! Happy Birthday Maggie from Rachael, Steve and your newest favorite pal Baylie! ruff ruff! We love you!!

mamie said...

Maggie's "cousin" Baylie got bit by Pearl this weekend. Jim kicked her off the dock and she never returned!! She's a grumpy girl around the puppies! Hope Maggie enjoyed playing at grandma & grandpa's this weekend. Did she cool off in the lake?