Jun 24, 2008

More camping

We spent the weekend camping at Orchard Beach State Park in Manistee, MI. This is a beautiful park just on the bluff of Lake Michigan. The park was built amidst a fruit orchard in the 1920s. It's small, quiet and has clean bathroom facilities (a very important feature to me). We camped with Carl, Jessie, their 4 year old Aaron and his cousin Travis. This was also Maggie's first camping trip.

When we first arrived, Maggie was a bit overwhelmed by it all. I tried to imagine seeing a campground through her eyes. There were at least 4 dogs within view that she wanted, desperately, to play with. Beyond that, there were many interesting children and adults. She barked and howled enough that she earned a time out back in the car. She soon figured out that these other campsites were just for looking. We opened the shoe door on our tent which became a nice doggie door for her. She entered and exited as she pleased to take her naps.

We ate great food, relaxed by the campfire, canoed, and saw some fantastic lighthouses. Canoeing was fairly uneventful with no spills. The boys seemed to enjoy it thoroughly, especially when they got to pee in the woods. Maggie must have thought our conversation was boring because at one point she up and jumped out of the canoe to swim away! Luckily her leash was on so I could grab her and haul her back in. That rascal.

Before we drove back Sunday we made sure to check out all the nearby lighthouses, including Manistee North Pierhead, Frankfort Breakwater, Point Betsie and Little Sable. Little Sable is a beautiful brick lighthouse that you're allowed to climb. We didn't get to with Maggie in tow, but we'll go back someday.


Jacqueline said...

That is a great family pic of you, Brian, and Maggie! How cute =)

Patty Ann said...

In both photos, Maggie looks like she is thinking, get me back to land! What a beautiful camping trip.

mamie said...

What an incredible place to stay if open to the public! I'm talking about the house in the pic! Jacqueline's right! It's a perfect family pic! Aren't Travis and Aaron just a hoot together? They are good buds!