Jun 19, 2008

A little Thursday knitting

I finished these socks a few days ago. This yarn was a souvenir purchase made in Traverse City. The colors remind of the sand, water and sky. They're just a simple 3x1 ribbing, knit on double-pointed needles. They're a great pair of light weight summer socks.


mamie said...

Nice job once again. I just have to do the finishing touches on my special project than I can give it away! I'm really excited!

Rachael said...

ohhhh I love them!!! :) I'll be finishing up my first toe hopefully tonight.

mamie said...

Oh Rach,!! Your first toe! I can't imagine trying to tackle socks. I can barely manage prayer shawls! I guess a really good class from The Clever Ewe would be a spendid idea?!