Feb 12, 2009

Coolest backpack ever.

Jacqueline tipped me off to this cool knitting accessory, the PurlPod backpack. It will keep your yarn for separate projects organized and tangle-free. It definitely ranks as awesome, but not $270 awesome. For now I'll stick with my zip-lock bags.

As for knitting, Monday marked 28 days with no knitting, so I took action. Charlotte went to knit night with me that night. Even though I only had time to knit 4 rows, it felt good to be back on the horse. She seems to like sitting on my lap and watching the needles (and tangling her fingers in the yarn). Last night I got to knit for one whole hour! Happy day.


patty said...

Charlotte is bound to become the youngest knitter on record! Glad you got back on the saddle. Babies definitely take up the majority of your time.

Lori H said...

Sorry I missed you guys at knit nite. That bag looks awesome -- may have to try to figure out a pattern and make my own -- especially at that price!