Feb 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Love

My brother-in-law married the love of his life on Valentine's Day (and her birthday). The ceremony took place at the beautiful St. John 's Chapel in Plymouth. Julie looked like a modern day Cinderella in her dress, and of course, she wouldn't be complete without her prince, David.

Charlotte behaved better than I could've ever asked for, even after I drug her all around the greater Detroit to meet her great grandmother and visit with grandpa at work. She didn't even spit up on her dress. She got a lot of love from all of her relatives. It was so nice to have this chance to share her with everyone.

Cousin Matthew was all dudded up in a suit from Jack & Jill. Jacqueline looked gorgeous - very classy in her navy blue dress and french twist. Mothers often worry about their child out-shadowing them, but not a worry for Jacq - she'll stand out in any crowd.

We rushed home Sunday so Charlotte could meet another special person. Her "Uncle" David drove up from Cincinnati to meet her. It was so nice to see him, if only we could talk him into moving back to Michigan. Come on David!!

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Kim said...

Everyone is looking so gorgeous! (David B. too!) I bet you all were tired after such an exciting weekend.