Feb 19, 2009

Survey says..

We've definitely been given many opinions as to whether little Charlie looks like me or Bri, and the opinions seem quite divided. Funny though how people will be very firm with their belief, "Oh definitely Brian!" So, I've decided to take a poll.

And yes, I know Brian and I look alike.



Or maybe she just looks like her "sister"!

I already put in my responses, so giddy-up!


Amber said...

Fun game! Hey, maybe I should put one up for my kids. :) Hee hee.

patty said...

Good one Ang! glad you included the one with the cousins. All Chuck would say was she looks like Matthew, and the common denominator there is the fathers. I still voted she looks like you though. We do want her to look like a little lady after all.

Kim said...

Well, I just told you yesterday that she looked like you, but in the photo you posted, I think she looks like Brian. Maybe you should add choice C: depends on the day.

Coggie said...

I think she looks like herself. The best of you and Brian.

Jacqueline said...

OK, I agree with Kim...she does look like Brian in that picture. However, I still think she looks like you! Either way, she is the CUTEST baby girl EVER!

Meagank7 said...

Um... she looks like both of you. Makes sense, right?? ;-)