Feb 2, 2009

Playing dress-up

I think most girls remember how fun it was to dress their Barbie dolls in all of their favorite dresses, style their hair, then pretend they were going to a prom. I always loved Peaches and Cream Barbie the best. The corset on her dress was glimmering white and her skirt was made with layer upon layer of peach chiffon.

Well, now I have my own living doll to dress up - Charlotte. Her first official special occasion is Uncle David's wedding on February 14th. Unfortunately, it's quite difficult to find a nice dress in 0-3 months. I tried Kohl's, Carters, Gymboree, The Children's Place, Baby Gap and Macy's. The best dress I found was at Macy's, and I think it's darn cute. It even has little roses stitched on the center pleat. Hopefully she can go more than a couple hours before pooping on it.


Sparkiechic said...

Awe good! Now the grownups need to find something cute to wear :)

patty said...

Bella Sposa has some cute socks trimmed with pink, red, etc.... Will Charlie wear tights or anklets???? Can I pick something up??

I've put an order in at JT Stitchery for some girlie booties for our babe. They've been running really low for some reason.

patty said...

Rach, wear something totally awesomelly(?) comfortable. We are going to DANCE like crazy!!

Kim said...

I had JUST had this same conversation with Gary this weekend about how we played with dolls our whole childhood dressing them up, and THAT'S why we get so excited about baby clothes. I was showing him the baby's wardrobe, and he didn't get anywhere near as excited as me. I actually told him, "He is going to be the BEST doll I have ever had!"