Mar 8, 2009


I have somehow made it to 500 posts. I started this blog April 25, 2006. So, as I calculate it, I average a post about every other day. I impress myself.
But sometimes I run out of ideas. Today is one of those days. The only thing I can think about today is that I just found out that my dog's favorite treat is made out of bull penis. That's right, as I type this right now, Maggie is at my feet gnawing on a bully stick. It stinks like old fishy jerky and the ends get soggy with spit. Brian thought it was some kind of tendon, but apparently that's just what marketers imply bully sticks are in order to soften the crudeness. Disgusting. Oh, and Maggie doesn't mind a good pig's ear either. But at least no one is trying to disguise those.

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