Mar 31, 2009

American Idol

I'm posting some couch-side commentary tonight.
Anoop- M.C. Hammer look, not the sex appeal that Usher has.
Megan- Why does she always have a strained smile? And why does anyone vote for this cabaret act that she pulls every week? The "fans" that she talks about so much are the "Vote for the Worst" people.
Danny- I love how he always seems to feel what he's singing
Allison- Come on really?! That's what she's wearing? What is Simon going to say? I would be insulted if I was Gwen Stefani. Her singing was good, I just couldn't watch.
Scott- I can never remember his name. I have to say I like the hair. But the only place I imagine his album being a hit would be the adult contemporary chart. I'm starting to wonder why I watch this show when I dislike so many contestants.
Matt- I love kzoo and I love you! Hair also looking better. I like the keyboard but his voice seemed gravelly tonight.
Lil- Is it me or does she look 40 years old tonight? And I never noticed before, but she makes Ryan look tall.
Adam- I loooved him last week. This week I think he ruined my favorite song to dance to at weddings. Yech. I really hate that scream. Even Charlotte is plugging her ears.
Kris- Boy, everyone's pulling out the instruments tonight. I was really impressed by him tonight.


Carrie said...

Megan is so annoying. I hate the little dance she does while she is singing and I can't stand her wannabe jazz voice with the weird word pronounciations.

I heart Danny Gokey. And I love that Rascal Flatts song.

I thought the judges were too harsh on Matt G. I really liked that song and thought he did a really good job.

Kris was amazing. He is so adorable. I think he was my favorite tonight.

Alison, Lil, Scott and Anoop were (as Simon says)forgettable. Although I will say that Scott's hair looked much better.

Anonymous said...

Danny and chris are my favorites. I always feel that Adam is more interested in entertaining himself than connecting with the audience. However,his performance last week was pretty good and I liked his cleaned-up Elvis type look. Lil needs to "young it up" as Randy would say. With so much discussion about song choices, I'm wondering if they get any help with choosing songs. Linda

Angie said...

Yeah! Megan is gone. I was sick of those stupid faces she was making. No one's going to want to give her a record deal when she behaves like that.