Mar 5, 2009

Change for the better

It's amazing how 8 weeks can change you.
I look at this photo, which was taken 2 days before I had Charlotte. I really can't stand this photo (no offense to the photographer). I look tired, impatient, and ironically a little lifeless.

Now, I see this.

I love the way I look. Not because I think I'm beautiful, but because I think being a mother is beautiful. I know there are people out there who could care less about having kids. I know there are people trying very hard to also become a mother, and I deeply hope they get there. Because when I see myself here I realize that I am becoming a better person. I am learning how to be more flexible and patient. I am learning how to be more selfless and dependent. I am making myself more emotionally available. And I have learned that I will never be the same again.


Carrie said...

I love that second pic. You look like you have a sparkle in your eye! Being a mom definitely suits you! :)

Anonymous said...

Very beautifully written...congrats! :) Diana

Jacqueline said...

I agree with Carrie, you look so beautiful as a mother =)And of course Charlie always looks adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ang- I definately see a change and you do have a new sparkle about you!! Motherhood is the best!! Nothing compares that is for sure!! Mary

Anonymous said...

Love the hand picture it is like she is putting her life in your hands. So pure and innocent and trusting, Ang you make a great mother it fits you perfect. Looking forward to the days ahead and the beautiful stories

- shannon