Mar 22, 2009

Thanks for the great advice. Brian and I have moved our Ireland trip to a 15 year plan. For now, we'll save our loot so we can shoot zombies (Kyle you crack me up.)
We met little Isaac this weekend. He is such a cutie and makes C look like a giant! As soon as I can find a spare moment, I'll put up some pics from the weekend. Tonight I must focus on getting to bed early because the compounded lack of sleep from the last two weeks has caught up with me.


Jacqueline said...

Amen sister. I took a nap yesterday and still managed to forget part of my breast pump at my parents...looks like Babies R' Us is getting even more of my money!

Kim said...

Gary weighed Isaac on our bathroom scale this morning, 9 pounds. We'll see what the dr's scale says tomorrow. Charlotte isn't that much bigger.

The Outlaw Kyle said...

Someday, when your filling zombie hoards full of hot Russian lead, you'll thank me.